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    Upgrade to A Bigger Space with Our House Extension Services!

    Want to add some extra inches to your home to transform it into a better and more beautiful space? Congratulations, you are at the right place! Building a home extension is a fantastic way to make your property a little more spacious without having to move to a new house. If you are also looking for more space in your home and feel moving home is not feasible, then choosing us for a home extension in London would be a great decision. 

    Whether you need an extension for kitchen, more space to work, a playful area for the children, or a luxurious new bathroom, you will certainly appreciate our offer of one of the finest services for house extensions in London. A wonderful and affordable way to transform your current living space. 

    Why Choose to Have House Extension?

    There is no doubt that a house extension in London proves to be the most effective and hassle-free way to add value to your home; Provided you choose a good house extension builder to handle your project. Depending on your needs and situations, using house extension companies can be a wonderful decision for a lot of reasons such as-

    • You are planning to grow your family and would need the extra space 
    • You want to transform your living space into a better investment option 
    • You want to upgrade to a bigger home but have a limited budget 
    • You now work from home more and an extra room or two would be great asset to your privacy 

    If any of the above-mentioned reasons apply to you, then opting for house extension services would be a fantastic idea! All you need to do is to find a company that has been building extensions in London for a long time and can assure you about offering brilliant services to meet your requirements. 

    Why Choose London Design-Build?

    Our team is made up of some of the most experienced and reliable house extension builders in London. Every house extension builder working for us has an on the job experience of several years and can assure you about providing expert assistance and advice, making it convenient for you to understand the whole process. 

    Once you sign up for our services of house extension in London, we will assign you your own personal project manager who will oversee your project of building a home extension right from the start to the completion. Your personal project manager will personally visit your site a few times a week to make sure the work is going smoothly and that see if anything requires their assistance.  

    You will be provided with the phone number of the project manager and foreman so that you can contact them whenever you need them. Our home extension builders also make sure that the extension they are building for you is thoroughly clean after completion of the project. For that, we will arrange professional cleaners as well. 

    Our Expertise

    We have been building extensions in London for quite a long time and have gained an immense reputation because of our quality builds. Here at London Design Build, we offer house extension in London that stand apart. This is one of the reasons why we are counted among some of the most trustworthy house extension companies. Not only will we offer you the finest quality work but will also make sure you get the assistance after the job has been done so that we know you are fully satisfied.

    Let’s have a look at a few more points that set us apart from others –

    • Great peace of mind and reassurance by the expert extension builders in London for offering excellent building work
    • Varied range of insurance policies so that clients can choose according to their individual needs
    • Prompt assistant and help for when things go wrong and require expert assistance
    • Secured and protected initial deposit paid by the clients to their builder
    • Reassurance after the completion of your project 

    Let’s Discuss

    So, whether there has been an addition to your family, you want an extension for kitchen, need to build a playground for kids, or want a new space to work from home, we can make sure that we will have the right approach for all your searches regarding ‘extension specialists near me’ online. 

    Once you get in touch with us and get started with our services, you will realize why we are one of the most approached companies for home extensions in north London as well as house extensions in south London.

    We would love to have a discussion and help you out with your home extensions needs.