Make Sure to Ask These 3 Questions to Your Builder Before Hiring

Planning to build or renovate your space? That is certainly a big and great decision. But before you move forward to the process there are a few things that need your attention. First of all, you need to consider a lot of things about the companies offering services of design and build in London. In order to be assured about hiring the right brickwork contractors in London, there are a few important questions you should ask. Let’s have a look-

Question 1- Are you insured?

The first essential question you should ask your builder is that whether they are insured. Many people often skip this simple yet important question and end up suffering for its later A reliable contractor would be happy to show the proof of insurance. They will also show you their website and previous work so that you get an idea about what to expect. This shows their credibility. Does not matter if the builder is being referred by your best friend, make sure you ask if they are insured and can provide validity for the same. 

Question 2- Can you show us your portfolio?

To know what to expect you must see the previous work of the contractors you are hiring. Make sure you ask them to show their previous work and if possible, give the contact of the former clients so that you can talk to them about their experience with the contractor. A genuine building company would show you its portfolio without any hesitation and can also give you a tour of its past work. If the builder does not show you the portfolio, then it is time to look for another one. The building company should also have a well-maintained and user-friendly website so that you can go through their services and work easily. The reliable brickwork contractors in London maintain their website for the users, time to time and this reflects their credibility.

Question 3- Are you involved with the clients throughout the entire process?

A good company of design and build in London not only does work for you but it works with you. It is important that the construction company keeps the clients involved in the entire process in order to provide results that meet the expectations. From designing to planning, construction, and follow-up, your builder should keep you updated about every detail of the construction. A Well-respected builder would keep you updated and would be available to communicate with you, even after you have moved into the property. 

Question 4- What are the other services you provide apart from building a house?

If you are looking to build or design a property, then the building company you are choosing should be capable of providing various refurbishment services, such as loft conversion, kitchen refurbishment, basement conversion, and garage conversion in London. If a company provides services including designing, building, and refurbishing, then you can expect all the work from them. you would not have to look for another company for your basement conversion, kitchen designing, bathroom designing, garage conversion, or loft conversion. Does always make sure dad the builder you are settling down with provides all the services you would need for your property. Hello also, take a quote from them so that you know that their services could not go out of your budget.

Question 5- Would they be available after the work is done?

The next thing you should ask your builder is that whether they would be available for you after they have provided their services. It is very important that you’re building company stays in touch with you so that whenever any query you have it can be at rest. A well-respected construction company would always make them available for you even after they have delivered their services. You might want some changes in your property that the builder can address later. That is why the company should be available for you.

These were a few important questions that you should ask your building company before hiring. This can make the process easier and hassle-free for you. If you are wondering how to find the right house contractor for your building needs, then one of the best approaches is to go online. All you have to do is, search for “design and build companies near me”, and Google will give you a long list of results having the name of the building companies near your area. It is advised to go for the first few results because they are usually more trustworthy. Compare their services, look for their reputation, check their reviews, have a word with them, get a quote, and take time to analyse which building company would be the right fit for you. 

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